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Christopher Rotvik

I write of the dance between spiritual and physical, emotion bound in my poetry, and philosophy in prose. Dagaz lovingly enfolds the essential (and timeless) early works; newer pieces debut on the publishing platform Medium.

As an emerging author, there is little else to say beyond the backstory of Dagaz:

For many, the early years of this century were tumultuous. As they, for me, followed decades of pursuing somewhat superficial American dreams, I began to question prevailing views and ways.

Over the four years of composing Dagaz, challenges poured almost ceaselessly from ordinary, everyday routine. I’ve come to use the act of committing words to paper to garner clarity, and through this process, I unwittingly began a book. Soul searching spawned spiritual perspectives, many living on as my truth, a few passing. I cast those that endured as haiku for their brevity and symmetrical beauty, coming to relish them for solace and inspiration.

But why publish? Seventy-nine poems, although personally life-changing, cannot touch a world’s heart.

Yet, they might.

That aside, Susan, my wife and frequent muse, and I share joy, peace, and inspiration in the gardens and forests of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Of Norwegian heritage, I find winter a perfect time to ponder and write in the warmth of a fire and the divine love that surrounds us all.


Further Afield

What’s Next?

L’Ottava Sopra, Italian for “the octave above,” carries forward the essence of Dagaz in a smaller treasury of longer poems. It comes to light on Medium over the months of fall ‘23.

No thing is worth more, or returns greater value, than imbuing our children with love and wisdom. This is the inspiration for The Story of Love, an illustrated book for those best positioned to shift our world. It’s in early development.


A late afternoon’s sun streams through the Vine Maple leaves of early summer

Photography that illuminates the world’s splendor complements the spiritual focus of my writing – to soothe and elevate the psyche. I’ve much underway in this sphere.