Chris Rotvik Photography

Lush Images

We illuminate the world’s splendor from an exceptional viewpoint, with exquisite quality of light and alluring detail.

Our artistry builds upon panoramic and macro expertise, a flair for illustrating the passage of time, capturing a scene’s full dynamic range, and bringing theatrical lighting to natural settings. We offer businesses premium stock, welcome commissioned projects, and engage consumers through fine art galleries.

Digital Stock

Available through selected agencies starting fall ‘23, our digital stock is distinctive, eloquent, and exemplary in workmanship. Photography of this caliber inspires, drives engagement, and strengthens brand equity. View a few samples from my collection Eden on Behance.

Gallery Prints

Our Forever One fine art prints are an edition of one – the only print of a singular image ever for sale. Beginning summer ‘24, they’ll be found in destination and specialty galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Glimpse the spirit that shapes my work.

Commissioned Projects

Curious about the potential for collaboration on a photographic project, particularly one of an environmental nature? Let’s talk.